18.01.2021 - FLY AWAY on ARD

Role: Airport waiter

18.01.2021 - The German motion picture FLY AWAY, directed by Bernd Böhlich, produced by Mafilm, will be shown on ARD on Jan 18th, 2021, at 1.15am.


27.12.2020 - HERE COMES THE BRIDE on rbb

Role: Concierge                                                                                           © ARD Degeto

HERE COMES THE BRIDE will be shown on Dec 27th, 2020, at 12.05pm on rbb. 
Director: Marc-Andreas Bochert. Production: Provobis for ARD.



Role: Count of Wackerbarth

A clip from the shortfilm Count of Wackerbarth, which was shown during the special exhibition IMPORTANT GUESTS AT SAXONY´S MOST BEAUTIFUL FORTRESS on Königstein Fortress in Dresden, Germany. 
Directed by Kathleen Biermann-Jung, produced by Biermann-Jung Kommunikation & Film.

Clip Count of Wackerbarth


Role: Shantanu Suri (3 episodes)

Season 5 of Austrian crime series FAST FORWARD will go on air on Oct 27th, 2020 at 8.15pm on BR. Directed by Michi Riebl & Gerald Liegel. Produced by MR-Film for ORF. 

22.10.2020 - AINOA on Star TV

Role: Soldier

The Austrian independent sci-fi-motion picture AINOA will be shown on the Swiss Tv channel Star TV on Oct., 22nd, 2020, at 8.15pm. Rerun at 0.00am.
Directed by Marco Kalantari. Produced by Cinevista.

20.10.2020 - COPSTORIES on Anixe HD Serie

Role: Aaron Okovic

The ORF-series COPSTORIES, episode 4, directed by Christopher Schier and produced by Gebhardt Productions, will be shown on Anixe HD Serie on:
Oct., 20th, 2020, at 8.15pm and 11.20pm 
Oct., 21st, 2020, at 1.00pm


17.10.2020 - GRIMM'S SNOW WHITE on Tele 5

Role: Hunter Aberle

The US-fantasymovie GRIMM'S SNOW WHITE, directed by Rachel Goldenberg and produced by The Asylum, will be shown on Oct. 17th., 2020, at 10.50pm on German tv channel Tele 5.


August 2020 - VIENNA CRIME SQUAD on Sky

Role: Horst Schneider

Crime-series VIENNA CRIME SQUAD, season 13, episode 13, will be broadcasted on German TV-channel Sky on:
28.08.2020 at 8.15pm
29.08.2020 at 00.25am and 06.40am
30.08.2020 at 6.35pm
31.08.2020 at 03.30am and 07.40am and 3.00pm

Directed by Filippos Tsitos. Production company: Satelfilm. Produced for ORF/ZDF.

20.08.2020 - TEHRAN TABOO on SRF 1

Role: Joseph                                                                       © coop99/ Little Dream Entertainment

TEHRAN TABOO will be shown on Aug, the 20th, 2020, at 11.45pm on the Swiss television channel SRF 1. Rerun at 4.10am. Directed by Ali Soozandeh. Produced by Little Dream Entertainment & coop99

11.08.2020 - FAST FORWARD - ERINNERN on BR

Role: Police officer

FAST FORWARD - ERINNERN will be shown on Aug 11th, 2020, at 10.00pm on German Tv channel BR. Directed by Michi Riebl. Produced by MR-Film for ORF. 

17.06./22.06.2020 - DIE MUSE DES MÖRDERS on ORF and ZDF

Role: Spusi 2                                                                                         © Petro Domenigg/Monafilm 

Tv-Thriller DIE MUSE DES MÖRDERS will be shown on June 17th, 2020, at 8.15pm on ORF (rerun: 1.35am) and on June 22nd, 2020, at 8.15pm on ZDF.

Directed by Sascha Bigler. Produced by Monafilm for ZDF and ORF.

30.05.2020 - Opening exhibition IMPORTANT GUESTS

Role: Count of Wackerbarth

On May 30th, 2020, the special exhibition Important Guests at Saxony’s most Beautiful Fortress will open on Königstein Fortress in Dresden, Germany, and will also show shortfilms about prominent historical figures of this fortress, including Count of Wackerbarth, who is played by Thomas Nash.

Directed by Kathleen Biermann-Jung, produced by Biermann-Jung Kommunikation & Film.


Role: Employee

VIENNA CRIME SQUAD - ASCHE ZU ASCHE, directed by Olaf Kreinsen and produced by Satelfilm, will be shown on Sky on: 
May 30th, 2020, at 4.55pm 
June 8th, 2020, at 6:35pm
June 9th, 2020, at 3.05pm
June 13th, 2020, at 9.35am

April 2020 - Shooting DANTE'S PROJECT

Role: Narrator

Indoor-Shooting for the Italian longterm project Dante's Project. A particular reading of Dante that will see hundreds of people and celebrities recite the verses of Dante contributing to the realization of a work never done before: the reading of the Divine Comedy. Creative Director: Diana Dell'Erba. Produktion: Louis Nero, L'Altrofilm.

30.01.2020 - A HIDDEN LIFE cinema release in Germany and Austria

Role: German soldier/ Prisoner (voice)                                       

After its Cannes premiere, A HIDDEN LIFE by TERRENCE MALICK will have its cinema release in Germany and Austria on Jan., 30th, 2020.
An Elizabeth Bay Productions Presentation in association with Aceway and Mister Smith. A Studio Bablesberg Production.

New 30s pictures

New thirties pictures in the photo gallery.


Role: Hans (episode House of Special Purpose)                       © Amazon.com Inc. or its affiliates

Amazon original series THE ROMANOFFS is nominated for BEST MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION by the Online Film & Television Association.

Directed by Matthew Weiner. Produced by Amazon Studios. 


16.07.2019 - CRIME SCENE - GREED on BR

Role: Gupta Kumar

16.07.2019: CRIME SCENE - GREED will be shown at 08.15pm on the German broadcasting channel BR. Directed by Robert Dornhelm, produced by e&a film.


A HIDDEN LIFE - In competition at the Cannes Filmfestival 2019

Role: German soldier/ Prisoner (voice)                                        Official Selection 2019 © FDC

The new movie A HIDDEN LIFE by TERRENCE MALICK will be in competition at the Cannes Filmfestival 2019

05.05. + 07.05.2019 - Premiere DER GAST

Role: Police officer

After its world premiere at the Hof International Film Festival 2018 in Germany, feature drama
DER GAST with star ballerina Karina Sarkissova in one of the lead roles, will have its Austrian premiere at the prestigious Gartenbaukino in Vienna on May 5th, 2019.
Additional screening will be on May 7th at the Rechbauerkino in Graz.

18.01.2019 - UTE BOCK SUPERSTAR cinema release

Role: Afghan

UTE BOCK SUPERSTAR, directed by Houchang Allahyari, will be released in Austrian cinemas on Jan., 18th, 2019.

12.10.2018 - Cinema release SHOP OF LITTLE PLEASURES

Role: Marc                                                                                                             © Viennatainment

SHOP OF LITTLE PLEASURES, which had it's world premiere at the Film du Mondes - World Film Festival in Montréal, Canada, will be released in Austrian cinemas on Oct. 12th, 2018. Directed by Julia Frick. Produced by Viennatainment.

06.10.2018 - Tv premiere DIE MUSE DES MÖRDERS

Role: Spusi 2                                                                                                    © Hubert Mican/ZDF

Premiere of tv-thriller DIE MUSE DES MÖRDERS. Directed by Sascha Bigler. Produced by Monafilm for ZDF/ORF. 
Oct 06th. 2018, 8.15pm on ORF 2 (rerun at 1.35am)
Oct 08th. 2018, 8.15pm on ZDF


Role: The Man

The short THE CHOICE, directed and produced by C. Frederick Secrease, will have its European premiere on Mon., 30th of April, 2018, at the Austrian Filmfestival.

16.12.2017 - GRIMM'S SNOW WHITE on Tele 5

Role: Hunter Aberle

16.12.2017: GRIMM'S SNOW WHITE will be shown on Tele 5 at 8.15pm. Rerun: 17.12. at 11.45pm. Director: Rachel Goldenberg. Produced by Maya Fukuzawa, David Michael Latt, David Rimawi. USA.